Marine – Cross-sell opportunities

It’s easy to spot Marine cross-sell opportunities once you know what you’re looking for. Marine is suitable for any client who:

  • Owns goods on the move
  • Moves, stores or handles the goods or property for a fee
  • Arranges the movement, storage or handling of goods or property
  • Owns or operates UK based or Marine orientated businesses that trade inland and on the coastal waters of the UK and Ireland

On land

Road hauliers, rail carriers, couriers, warehouse keepers, professional packers, customs clearing agents, household removal contractors, car transporters, manufacturing companies, wholesalers and repairers. All these businesses and more need Marine – even though none of them are on water

By air

Whether its raw materials or finished products, any cargo or freight that moves by air can be covered by Marine too. That includes a wide range of loads, from food stuff to furniture and minerals to rubber.

On water

There are two eventualities where Marine can be beneficial on water, Firstly there are the goods or property being carried by sea, river or canal. Secondly there are workboats, tugs, barges and Marine properties such as jetties that need cover against physical loss or damage to the hull and machinery. We can cover both.

Last but not least

Take a look at what you’re being asked to quote for. If your client needs Product liability, Storage of goods, a Motor Fleet, Business Travel, Exhibitions or Suppliers Extensions they may need marine cover too.

If the business name includes words such as Trading, Importers, Exporters, International, Europe / European or inc, or something connected with another country (e.g. Paris Fashion Inc) they may need Marine.

Marine cross-sell Matrix

Take a look at our cross-sell matrix for more detail.

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