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Aviva Schemes

Trust. Expertise. Support.

At Aviva, we understand the benefits that a long term, stable Scheme or Delegated Authority arrangement can bring. Our dedicated team have been working with brokers to develop Schemes and form strong working partnerships over the last 15 years.

For the right Scheme we’ll look at distribution deals – through facilities such as Marketplace, where you can gain access to our UK wide agency network.

What is a Scheme?

A Scheme is a bespoke product solution, created with us and managed on our behalf by you, the broker. Schemes can be designed to suit your area of expertise and specialism.

  • We provide you with Delegation of Authority which could include underwriting, rates, documentation
  • We will develop bespoke products, underwriting and rates to support the Scheme
  • The size and scope of Aviva coupled with your knowledge and expertise can open up markets that would otherwise be unobtainable

We are interested in all types of Scheme business from household and personal motor, through to the full range of commercial products, as well as niche and specialist line products.

To discuss a Scheme opportunity further talk to your Aviva Business Development Manager or contact the team directly using this link.

Your Scheme

Your Scheme

81% of brokers manage a Scheme and 89% have experienced Scheme growth in the last 5 years.*

A Scheme gives you the opportunity to sell on advice rather than price increasing the likelihood of retention.

If you feel your business would be well placed to establish a Scheme with us, there are some important pieces of information you will need to consider, including (but not exhaustive):

  • Your contact details/experience/history
  • Current/projected financial performance of the Scheme
  • Product details
  • Required commission level
  • Software/technology requirements
  • Target market and opportunity
  • Details of any existing business plan

To discuss a Scheme opportunity further talk to your Aviva Business Development Manager or contact the team directly using this link.

* Source: Insurance Times Broker Survey 2013

Contact us

Contact Us

Our dedicated General Insurance Delegated Authority team, support our Commercial and Personal lines Schemes and Delegated Authority arrangements. The team provide the best possible blend of Aviva’s technical, pricing and underwriting as well as risk and governance capability to match your unique skills, expertise and knowledge of the market you operate in.

For more information on how we can support your Schemes business, speak to your Aviva Business Development Manager or contact a member of our General Insurance Delegated Authority team on the details below:

Commercial Schemes:

Lynne Gibson

Commercial Lines Schemes Team Manager


Tel: 07730 978168

Personal Schemes:

Ian Cockerton

Personal Lines Schemes Team Manager


Tel: 07800 690467

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