Contents calculator

Totting it all up

Do the tedious job the exciting way, use our all new home contents calculator to find out the total value of your clients’ home contents.

Your clients may have built up their collection of home contents over a lifetime and may not know that this affects their insurance needs. As it is quite common for people with valuable property and possessions to still only have standard home insurance, after completing the contents evaluation for your clients you may find out that they qualify for a more enhanced policy.

Complete the calculation yourself or email the web link to your colleagues.

  • Use it to provide a quote for the contents cover and save it for future renewals.
  • Feel free to complete the calculation in stages as you can come back to it at anytime; the calculation will be saved on your computer for an indefinite period.
  • After totting up, you can save the calculation or print it for your records.

Use our home contents calculator now to find out the true value of your clients’ possessions.

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