Permit to work

Effectively administered permit to work programmes are an excellent tool for controlling potentially hazardous working conditions. To be effective any system should:

  • Be recognised by all within your organisation.
  • Outline the nature and extent of the work carried out.
  • Be clear and easy to understand.
  • Have the requisite authority and carry disciplinary sanctions if abused or ignored.

Who this service is designed for

Employers who wish to control high risk activities which may include contractor management within their workplaces. Typical examples include working at height, confined spaces, high voltage electrical work.

What the service covers

We offer a range of services to help develop and monitor your organisation’s permit to work system:

  • Permit to work system audit – A full, independent audit of your existing system with recommendations for improvement
  • Training – A one day Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) accredited permit to work training course, which gives you:
    • An understanding of senior management’s responsibilities under permit to work system.
    • Verification of the competence of the authorising and issuing authorities.
    • Complete understanding of the permit to work system, including isolation procedures.
    • Understanding of the contactor(s) interface.
    • Knowledge on the establishment and evaluation of safe permit to work systems for various work disciplines.
    • An understanding of maintenance, monitoring and auditing of the system.
    • A grounding in understanding emergency procedures.
    • Comprehensive support materials including a detailed permit to work audit system.
  • Electronic permit to work systems – We can provide an electronic permit to work management system that can enhance any permit to work system by building in rules for safe application, such as the level of authorisation and issue. Our system combines ITConsillium’s electronic systems permit to work manager with our training.

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