Fire risk assessment

Why do businesses need a fire risk assessment?

Every year 500 people are killed in fires. Proper assessment and management of fire hazard will significantly reduce this figure. Whist the law surrounding the requirement for fire risk assessments differs slightly between, countries in the UK, there is a legal requirement for businesses to undertake a fire risk assessment and to ensure that it is reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

Who this service is designed for

Fire risk assessments need to be carried out for all premises with the exception of domestic premises. This includes licensed premises and residential landlords with houses used for multiple occupancy. Where businesses have 5 or more employees, the fire risk assessments need to be formally documented.

What the service covers

A qualified member of the ARMS team will visit your premises and undertake a fire risk assessment using our fire safety risk assessment manual which enables:

  • Assessments to be formally documented for action and review.
  • Corrective actions to be identified and actioned in an effective manner.

During our time on site we will review your compliance standards against the requirements of the current legislation. and our action plan will specify any remedial actions you need to take to meet your minimum legal obligations. We will also offer suggested solutions that you may choose invest in to achieve best practice ensuring the safety for your employees, contractors and visitors.

The remaining sections of the manual allow you to record actions and document maintenance of fire safety precautions, including training.

What happens if business fail to undertake a fire risk assessment

Failure to undertake a fire risk assessment can result in fines and custodial sentences. The current highest fine to date is £430k. Local fire rescue authorities are actively reviewing business’s fire risk assessments and those businesses that fail to meet the legal requirements are being brought to public attention.

Next steps

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