Behaviour based safety services

It’s a surprising statistic that in approximately 80% of accidents employee behaviour (actions or omissions) is a contributory factor. Whilst we recognise that behaviour-based safety approaches are not an alternative to effective health and safety management policies, systems or procedures, when these are mature and performing well, behaviour safety programmes can bring about further significant improvements in safety performance.

Who this service is designed for

Behaviour based safety services are designed as a proactive safety management tool to compliment your existing health and safety systems and are therefore suitable for any organisation looking to cut health and safety costs.

What the service covers

Firstly our expert team will assess your existing safety culture. After this we will work with you to develop a programme thats tailored to meet your organisations needs to:

  • Help you identify safety critical behaviours and develop a tailored programme based on behaviour modification techniques.
  • Provide you with training and facilitate the programme design and development.
  • Help you to integrate your behaviour based safety programme into your existing management systems.
  • Provide you with on going support and advice.
  • Audit the effectiveness of your programme.

How will my business benefit

  • Reduction in accident/injury rates.
  • Behaviour modification techniques can lead to safer behaviour over a sustained period.
  • Improved public image and industry reputation.
  • Staff development – improved communication skills and confidence.
  • Improved staff morale and co-operation.
  • Provides a tool for proactive health and safety management.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Reduced insurance premiums.

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