Broker Mentor


Broker Mentor is our online marketing resource tool for brokers. Many of you have said you’d like help with your marketing, so we’ve put together an online support proposition to give you expert marketing advice for free.

Whether you’re looking to build a profitable website or promote your business locally, Broker Mentor offers a complete marketing toolkit in a straightforward and simple format.

Best of all, it’s a resource that’s there for you to dip into as and when you need it.


Broker Marketing – Helping you market your business

Fraser Edmond, Aviva’s Director of Broker Performance, explains how Aviva can help you grow your business through the marketing support available.

Digital – How it can help grow your business

Paul Heybourne, Aviva’s Digital Innovation Manager, gives you an insight into how digital technology is opening up opportunities to improve service, products and client engagement.

Social Media – Easy ways to engage with your clients

Russell Ellis, Aviva’s Global Social Media Manager, talks you through the key Social Media tools, providing practical tips that you can put into practice straight away.

Website Analytics – An introduction for beginners

Helen Watson, Aviva’s Digital Analytics Manager, shows how analytics can provide you with the valuable insight you need to help shape your website and improve how your clients engage with it.

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