Cover Note Books & Electronic Cover Notes

We’re currently in the process of updating our documentation to reflect the change to the regulatory bodies.

Cover note books and Green Cards have now been amended and are available for you to order when you need them.

You can continue to use your existing documentation until early 2014, however you will need to ensure you have ordered the new versions before 31 March 2014 as they will not be compliant on 1 April 2014.

You can order the new documentation through your usual process.

Cover Note Books

Cover Note Books

Many brokers who write Aviva motor insurance have been authorised to issue Cover Notes on our behalf. To ensure that we comply with Financial Conduct Authority requirements and assist you in the use and control of these important documents we have outlined some guidelines on using them. Please ensure you take time to read these.

Control and Protection Guidelines

The following act as a reminder of the Cover Note storage, use, issue of and reporting procedures:

  1. Keep them in secure storage with keys held by responsible, nominated individuals.
  2. Restrict stock levels, for example, one book in use and one spare.
  3. Ensure adequate procedures are in place to enable prompt identification if missing or lost.
  4. Report lost cover notes / cover note books to the Aviva Cover Note Book Admin Unit immediately, with details of the serial numbers involved. This should be followed in writing from a senior representative of the broker, e.g. Director, Partner, Office Manager.
  5. Report theft of or fraudulent use of any cover notes/ cover note books to the Police, with details of the serial numbers involved and inform the Aviva Cover Note Book Admin Unit of the Police crime reference number.
  6. Return without delay completed or obsolete cover note books to Aviva - A dedicated PO Box number is available, full address below.
  7. Obsolete Cover Note book / Green Card documentation would include:
    • any bearing Norwich Union branding
    • any containing a legal entity registered address and Firm Reference number other than: Aviva Insurance Limited, Registered in Scotland, No. 2116, Registered Office: Pitheavlis, Perth PH2 0NH Firm Reference No. 202153
    • documents issued prior to November 2011
  8. Return on request any book(s) selected periodically for random review by Aviva.
  9. Apply the same storage, use and issue controls and reporting procedures to any other Aviva documentation which could or might be used to provide proof of cover.
Ordering Replacements

You may hold a maximum of 3 cover note books at any one time.

Orders for replacement stationery can be made via:

  1. The Aviva Broker Website… from the homepage:
    • Click on the documents tab at top of the screen
    • Click the Non product literature tab
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page to the 'additional literature ‘ box
    • Enter description type as 'cover note book' or ‘International Motor Insurance Green Cards’ (Green Cards will only be released if business need has been agreed with Aviva)
    • Enter reference number - BMOMG3868 (or BCOPC2285r, for Green Card)
    • Proceed to submit your order.
    • To view your order click onto “my document orders”. This opens another link to “view order details” – which gives confirmation of your order.
  2. Email address
Returning Cover Note Books

Completed books should be returned via our dedicated PO Box (defacing any unused cover notes):

Aviva Insurance Limited
C N B C Admin Unit
PO Box 2899
G64 9DB

Contacting Us

Day to day underwriting or sales queries - please contact your usual Aviva contact.

Cover Note Admin enquiries – contact our Aviva Cover Note Book Admin Unit

  • email :
  • telephone no : 0800 092 9416

On Line Technical Support

  • telephone no : 0800 158 2224
  • fax no : 0800 158 2227
  • email :

Electronic Cover Notes (ECN)

Electronic Cover Notes (ECN)

The Electronic Cover note facility on iMarket will be removed from 8th June 2013.

Physical Cover note books are still available through Aviva Broker, as per the link above.

If you have any enquiries, please speak to your Aviva Business Development Manager.

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