Cut Red Tape

No doubt your customers tell you about the constant challenge of running their business — balancing short-term and long-term priorities, ever-increasing red-tape, looking after staff, managing cash-flow, mastering the finances (VAT/tax) and the mysteries of information technology. A business owner has got to be on top of all aspects of their operation.

To help, we’ve created ‘Cut Red Tape’, a new website built specifically to help business customers overcome the burden of red tape. The service is available to Aviva commercial policyholders.

What is it?

Cut Red Tape is a ‘one-stop’ website designed to help businesses operate more efficiently by helping them overcome the day-to-day red tape involved in running a business. It’s designed to keep them up-to-date on legal and risk management issues and provide a continuous reference point for information, help and support in straightforward language. It’s available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The site can be used by existing and new commercial policyholders (see eligible products below) although currently we’re unable to offer the service to Schemes’ business customers.

  • Agriculture
  • Residential Care Homes
  • Property Owners
  • Commercial Property Owners package
  • Construction
  • Employee Fraud
  • Engineering
  • Bonds
  • Industry
  • Latent Defects
  • Cargo
  • Freight Liability
  • Motor Trade
  • Office and Surgery
  • Group Personal Accident and Sickness
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Professional Services and Media
  • Pub, Restaurant and Hotel
  • Residential Property Owners
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Self Employed
  • Shop and Salon

What are the key features of the service?

  • FREE business (accounting, sales and marketing, finance, technology), legal and risk management advice.
  • Save money by speaking for free* with our legal and risk management experts — if businesses can’t find what they’re looking for or need further information, they can call our help lines. *They only pay for the call, not the advice (calls charged at 0845 rate).
  • Over 700 legal and business guides, examples, document builders and calculators. All are in an easy-to-use format and regularly updated. Read the guide, check an example letter and build your own documents. There are calculators to work out net pay or confirm the value of a redundancy payment.
  • Online document builders provide templates to produce legal documents eg employee contracts, health and safety policies, sexual harassment policy, dismissal letters etc.
  • E-mail alerts sent straight to an account of their choice which keeps them up-to-date with any recent changes in law, legislation or regulation.
  • Online claims reporting for legal expenses claims.
  • Employment information is also available on topics such as the working time regulation, national minimum wage, disciplinary and absence procedures and guidance on issues like maternity and parental leave, setting up disciplinary and absence procedures.
  • Healthcheck - a tool to help businesses understand and measure how well they're doing at managing the risks in the workplace.

Benefits for your customer

All the above features will save business owners’ time and money, allowing them to concentrate on what they do best - running their business.

Benefits for you

The service also provides you with a valuable, constantly updated source of business related information to help provide best advice to your customers. It gives you more reasons to contact customers to help build and strengthen relationships.

How do your customers access the service?

Simply by visiting and registering for the service by entering their name, policy number, email address and a unique password.

Make sure you provide them with the voucher code ‘CRTAVIVA’ so that they can take advantage of free and discounted benefits like online document builders and legal review services.

We appreciate that your customers may not always have their policy number to hand. Therefore, the website has been designed to allow your customers’ access to Cut Red Tape for a limited period without the need to enter their policy number. Please note that if a valid policy number isn’t entered within 8 weeks after the initial registration, access will be revoked.

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