On-site trading is one of our most popular trading models for commercial business.

Our Broker On-site Underwriting Solution (or ‘BONUS’ for short) is probably best known for trading a wide range of Aviva commercial business, through our BONUS account executives in your office — so you get on-the-spot decisions and expert advice.

BONUS has been running since 1988 — offering brokers face-to-face trading, reduced administration costs, speedy transactions and an all-round competitive advantage.

Key features and benefits

  • A decision-maker in your office concentrating exclusively on your business’s needs and demands
  • A wide range of commercial products through one contact
  • Rapid quotes, decisions and instant online policy documentation
  • Reduces your admin time and costs
  • An easy way to do business and maximise profits

If you think BONUS is for you, please contact your business development manager.

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