Why distinct is different

Standard home policies may have high sums insured for contents of £60,000 or more, however there are several factors which make distinct different. It goes without saying that many of the limits in cover will be higher however there are other differences to be considered:

For both home and motor

  • Distinct polices are not subject to an average clause as people want to insure their valuables for the true value.
  • Direct Debit payments are interest free — experience would tell us this is of considerable interest, even for the most wealthy!

For home

  • The policies are warranty free — this means that if your client forgets to set the alarm, or double lock the door we would still consider the claim. Standard policies will usually apply a warranty.
  • High net worth individuals are frequent travellers and as a result high net worth insurance is on a world wide all risks basis.
  • The definition of contents is wider with accidental damage automatically provided as standard.
  • There are specific covers and ratings for art antiques and collectables. Not only is there an automatic 200% increase in cover following death of an artist, but insuring these items separately is more cost effective than including as part of the general contents section.
  • There are pairs and sets cover on all sections including buildings.
  • The option of excesses are much higher — in the case of Distinct these are selectable up to £10,000.
  • Building sums insured are guaranteed if the home has been professionally valued and the sum insured has always been index-linked and adjusted to reflect any subsequent alterations or extensions.
  • Personal lawyer cover is available with £100,000 cover.

For motor

  • If within 24 months of being bought from new, your client’s car is stolen and not recovered or is declared a total loss following an incident covered under the policy, we will replace your client’s car with a new car of the same make and specification (subject to availability within the UK). A standard motor policy would often limit this cover to within 12 months.
  • With distinct motor your clients will not be given a small hatchback as a courtesy car option. Instead they will receive a Mercedes C Class or the option to choose a similar vehicle to the one insured up to a limit of £4,000 per claim.
  • Motor legal protection cover provided as standard - protecting your clients against extra risks. If your customers are involved in a road accident, which isn’t their fault, they’ll receive legal help to recover often unexpected costs, such as policy excess, hire of alternative vehicle and damage to clothing and other possessions.
  • Our top tier RAC Breakdown cover is provided as standard with increased repatriation limits when travelling abroad and a Mercedes C Class for the onward travel option.
  • We aim to settle all distinct motor total loss claims within 14 days, but will allow your clients to have a courtesy car for 21 days even when the claim has been settled to make sure they still have transport to purchase a new vehicle.

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