Meet some high net worth audiences

We’ve pulled together our thinking around high net worth customers, which we hope helps you focus your marketing efforts effectively.

Distinct has three potential audience types, which we’ve sketched out below.

The self-made

These are people who have made their fortunes from corporate, professional and self-employed incomes. We’re talking about professionals like accountants, bankers, barristers and managing directors. Also some of the people who fall into this type may be retired.

The self-made often have non-investment second homes, hold exclusive bank accounts and use independent financial advisers and brokers. They are likely to be sold high net worth insurance rather than look for it themselves. More often than not they’re underinsured and are a prime audience for you to talk to.

The self-made may be more affluent than average but are likely to be time-poor, which means they like to be talked to about solutions which make their lives easier.


Entrepreneurs make their money in all sorts of ways and often acquire wealth by winding up business assets. They’re likely to have a significant amount of liquid assets and more likely to be retired or semi-retired.

Again they are likely to be time-poor and financially astute. Speaking generally, they’re more likely to be aware of the value of their contents than the self-made, and appreciate the value of bespoke insurance.

People who have inherited wealth

This group of customers are likely to have been left valuables and antiques for example, where they may not have a recent view of value. So where a standard insurance product may have suited their needs before, it may be inadequate now. If identified, it would be worthwhile talking to these customers about how a high net worth solution could address their new insurance needs.

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