Added benefits for home policyholders

Here are some of the benefits your client’s will receive as a distinct policyholder.

Independent valuation services for home and contents

If your client would like to have their possessions valued, or obtain an accurate re-building cost for their home, we have negotiated special discounted fees with Quastel Associates and BCH Authentica. Both are independent, professionally accredited companies whose valuations are carried out by qualified staff offering full UK coverage.

Valuations for possessions

We have arranged preferential fees with Quastel Associates — professional valuers specialising in antiques, works of art, jewellery as well as general contents. Valuations are available for any number of items from a single picture to entire house contents, including a detailed inventory and digital photographs of items if required.

With a proper valuation your clients can then be fully confident of having the right level of insurance cover for all their possessions.

Valuations for re-building the home

In our experience, listed properties and high value homes can often be dramatically underinsured. To safeguard your client’s home and for their own peace of mind we have arranged preferential fees with BCH Authentica — professional valuers specialising in providing risk management services for high net worth properties.

BCH Authentica will provide your clients with an accurate re-building measurement and valuation, reflecting the age and status of their home and all its distinguishing features.

Following their survey, your client will receive a photographic record of their home.

Specialist jeweller

Specialist jewellers, Mappin & Webb, can record details of a particular piece of jewellery so in the event of a loss they can create an exact replica, arrange replacement at your client’s request, or arrange a specialist repair if necessary.

Personal identity protection

Automatic comprehensive identity protection cover to protect your clients against the implications and costs of the increasing threat of identity fraud.

Security helpline

Your clients can count on our security helpline for expert advice on security, fire prevention, health and safety and environmental issues. If requested, they can also benefit from a free home security visit through Aviva risk services.

Insafe International safes

We have arranged preferential rates for Aviva distinct home clients with Insafe International Limited, who can provide and professionally install safes for the home.

Trauma benefit

In the unfortunate event your clients are a victim of crime in the home, as part of the Contents cover, Distinct provides the following cover to help ease your clients' stress:

For a stay away from home, or to improve home security £10,000
Towards private counselling £500
To move home within three months of the incident £15,000
To make alterations following an accident resulting in permanent disablement £50,000
For death £50,000
As reward if the criminals are caught and charged £5,000

Home emergency service

This service includes four hours of labour charges and up to £500 for parts and materials following the failure of the primary heating system, as well as other power and heating emergencies.

Home sitters

We have arranged preferential rates for the home caretaking services provided by Homesitters Limited. Rigorously vetted employees will look after your clients home and care of their pets while they are away, either round-the-clock or during specified hours of the day.

Legal and tax helplines

Your customers have 24-hour access to free advice on a number of issues:

  • Legal helpline - advice on issues such as credit, consumer law and workplace matters
  • Tax helpline - advice on UK tax matters

Further details of these services will be provided with your client’s policy documents.

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