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Key Description

aQmen Underwriting provides CaSE Faith Insurance, a combined policy, which can be tailored to provide all the cover required by most organisations for a wide range of activities, and includes places of worship.

Typical clients

aQmen Underwriting caters for any faith-based organisations and their associated places of worship. This includes prayer groups, religious supplementary education, churches, mosques, temples, gurdwaras and more.

Selling points

  • Package automatically includes: Employers’ and Public Liability, Business Interruption, Legal Expenses, Money, Trustees Indemnity with full flexibility to select sections of cover and limits of indemnity as required
  • Events and activities: up to 1,000 people at events automatic cover for community programmes and pastoral counselling
  • Hirer’s Liability: for third party groups, renting the premises
  • Walk-in’ Theft: for when your premises are open to the public
  • Theft of Metal: for all metal that forms part of the infrastructure (subject to use of forensic marker (e.g. SmartWater)
  • Automatic extensions include: Property/Equipment left out in the open; Religious items used away from the premises; Personal Effects
  • A ‘Select’ Package is available for small organisations who, on the basis of limited statements of fact, can purchase pre-agreed combinations of cover and limits at a lower cost
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