What is it?

  • Our Technology product provides a range of tailored covers for businesses involved in the manufacturing of computers, office machinery and electrical products.
  • The product has dedicated covers that are aligned to this industry including burn in test and metal workers.

You can add cyber cover to this policy

You can add cyber cover to any commercial combined policy (excluding Fast Trade) at new business, mid-term or renewal – just get in touch with your usual underwriter.

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Giving you more

Aviva Mid-Market. A simple way to treat you customers like royalty. Find out how Aviva Mid-Market can enhance your Electronic Manufacturing offering.

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Benefits of using Aviva’s approved repairer network include:

  • Repairs guaranteed for 12 months

For more information about Target Market statements please visitindustrial.


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We recognise the impact a claim can have on your customer’s business. We want to get them back to normal as quickly as possible.

Claims contacts and services

New claims

Fast and simple notification of claims.

  • Notify new commercial property claims 24/7/365 - online or by freephone, fax or e-mail.
  • 24/7/365 help from emergency plumbers, glaziers and locksmiths to ensure your customers aren’t left in a vulnerable position.
  • UK-based.
  • Rapid deployment of loss adjusters.
  • Tried and tested weather response plan.

Reported claims

Claims experts:

  • Dedicated commercial property teams in Southend and liability teams in Glasgow.
  • Proactively minimise impact of a claim to your customer’s business.
  • Interim payments to keep your customers trading.
  • Online claims tracking.
  • 12 months guarantee on repairs carried out by our approved network.
  • Claims solutions for all your customers - from sole traders to large organisations.

Quote and buy

Does your client:

  • Have any vehicles as our Minifleet product offers a range of dedicated covers for business users.
  • Transport goods from suppliers to on-site locations — they might need a Cargo policy?
  • Our policy has the ability to incorporate engineering breakdown but should a wider cover be required for those specialist items, please consider our dedicated Engineering breakdown policy.
  • Our policy also has the ability to incorporate Employee Fraud, a cover often overlooked and if required, we can provide a specific policy to cover their needs in more detail.

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