Surety, Bonds and Guarantees


Key description

  • A Bond supports a company’s contractual obligations
  • It is purchased by the contracting party and given in favour of the project owner or authority
  • The Bond provides financial protection to project owner / authority against loss from a breach of contract or default by the contracting party under the arrangement

Typical clients

Companies in the following sectors may require Bonds:

Construction, Engineering, Importing, Brewing and Beverages, Outsourcing, Services and Waste Companies.

Any party committing to contractual obligations may need a Bond, for example:

  • A Building Contractor needs to provide a Bond to their employer (beneficiary)
  • An Importer needs to provide a Bond to HMRC (beneficiary) to support a duty deferment facility
  • A Manufacturer needs to provide a Bond to a purchaser (beneficiary) for an advance payment

Selling points

  • A bond from Aviva does not restrict a company’s banking facility or working capital and is treated as a “contingent liability” rather than bank debt. This means it is effectively “off-balance sheet”
  • Aviva is an acceptable guarantor to most employers, local authorities and government agencies due to its excellent credit rating
  • Aviva is the perfect alternative to banks and other surety providers
  • Our Surety Underwriters provide a fast pre-vetting service to ensure suitability for an Aviva Surety solution

Service channels

  • Our underwriters will require the name of the prospective client and a brief understanding of the bonding requirement as a minimum. However, to finalise any quotation, additional supporting information will be required.
  • Please contact one of our Surety Underwriters on 0800 158 2238* or via e-mail at

*(Calls may be recorded and/or monitored)

Cross-sell products

  • Marine: Companies that import goods will have a Marine Insurance requirement.
  • Construction: Contractors will have a number of bonding requirements.
  • Engineering.

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