Shop and Salon


Individual or multi-location retail/salon premises including internet-only traders that only have a storage unit with no customer access. Businesses should have no more than a £500,000 stock limit and £5m overall sum insured per location.

Key description

A packaged product offering extensive cover, including £500k legal expenses as standard, and the option to increase the majority of core cover limits.

  • Average Free Property Cover, including seasonal increase of stock, temporary removal and trade samples.
  • Free of charge automatic uplifts to the contents and buildings sums insured, providing valuable extra protection
  • Business Interruption Loss of Income up to £1.5m over 36 months, including cover for Prevention of Access, Loss of Attraction and Book Debts up to £5k and Additional Increased Cost of Working up to £50,000.
  • Money & Assault
  • Public Liability up to £10m.
  • Charity Shops – automatic cover for raffle prizes and donated goods used for fundraising in the UK up to £1,500
  • £500,000 legal protection
  • Optional treatment liability cover for hairdressers/beauticians, Buildings & Tenants Improvements Cover, deterioration of chilled or frozen food, property in transit, personal accident, employee dishonesty, terrorism, manual work away from the premises.

Alternative products

Selling points

  • A comprehensive Average free product which provides an extra layer of protection for your customers’ business to reduce their risk of underinsurance
  • Access to free legal and business guides via our business support website
  • Automatic debt recovery provided as part of our Commercial Legal Protection cover.

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We recognise the impact a claim can have on your customer’s business. We want to get them back to normal as quickly as possible.

Claims contacts and services

New claims

Fast and simple notification of claims.

  • Notify new commercial property claims 24/7/365 - online or by freephone, fax or e-mail.
  • 24/7/365 help from emergency plumbers, glaziers and locksmiths to ensure your customers aren’t left in a vulnerable position.
  • UK-based.
  • Rapid deployment of loss adjusters.
  • Tried and tested weather response plan.

Reported claims

  • Claims experts - dedicated commercial property teams in Southend and liability teams in Glasgow.
  • We proactively minimise a claims impact on your client’s business.
  • Interim payments to keep your customers trading.
  • Online claims tracking.
  • 12-month guarantee on repairs carried out by our approved network.
  • Claims solutions for all your clients - from sole traders to large organisations.

Service channels

Cross-sell products

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