Motor Trade Small Business


What is it?

  • Our Motor Trade Small Business product provides a range of tailored covers for businesses involved in this sector trading from commercial premises.
  • There are limitations regarding business activities and a maximum number of 6 named drivers and the product can also provide road risks only cover if required.
  • Should your clients business need Road Risks on an “open driving” basis, maybe our Motor Trade product might be more suited to their needs, with both being backed by our unrivaled expertise due to Aviva being the first insurer to provide a motor trade product.


Benefits of using Aviva’s approved repairer network include:


  • Repairs guaranteed for 3 years (or as long as you own the vehicle, if less than 3 years after the repair).


  • Repairs guaranteed for 12 months.

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Motor Insurance Database


We recognise the impact a claim can have on your customer’s business. We want to get them back to normal as quickly as possible.

Claims contacts and services

New claims

  • Notify new claims by telephone, Monday–Friday - 9am to 5pm.
  • UK-based.
  • Book the vehicle into repairers on first phone call.

Reported claims

  • Dedicated and experienced motor trade claims experts in Manchester.
  • Proactively manage your customers’ vehicle off-road time.
  • Fast total loss decisions.
  • 3 year guarantees on repairs through our approved network.
  • Specialist technical and motor trade bodily injury team in Manchester.

Quote and buy

Does your client:

  • Travel as they may be interested in a business travel policy, which provides dedicated business covers, compared to holiday travel insurance?

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