Businesses that have 2 to 12 vehicles, which can be a mixture of vehicle types but subject to a maximum of 4 vehicles over 7.5T. Carriage of Goods for Hire & Reward use is also available.

Please note that products managed through an underwriter will renew under our new Fleet Insurance product.

Minifleet will only be available through Fast Trade

Key description

Provides tailored solutions to meet your clients’ individual needs.

  • Select by vehicle either Fully Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft or Third Party Only cover. We can also offer Laid Up cover.
  • Policy can cater for a wide range of vehicle types including private cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, special types and agricultural vehicles
  • Third Party Property Damage included as standard with up to £20m for cars/motorcycles and up to £5m for all other vehicle types
  • Legal Services and Advice is available with the policy
  • Optional Breakdown cover, subject to vehicle type, can be added to the policy.

Alternative products

  • Fleetwise: For larger business fleets of 13 or more vehicles or if there are 5 or more vehicles over 7.5T.
  • Van: For a single Van below 3.5T used for carriage of own goods &/or social domestic and pleasure purposes.

Selling points

  • Repairs are guaranteed for three years (or for as long as the client owns the vehicle, if less than three years after the repair) when using an Aviva Approved Repairer
  • If the client has an LGV up to 7.5T and is entitled to a courtesy vehicle, our network can provide this type of vehicle. All other vehicle types are supplied with a Category A car

For more information about Target Market statements please visitmini fleet.


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Motor Insurance Database


We recognise the impact a claim can have on your customer’s business. We want to get them back to normal as quickly as possible.

Claims contacts and services

New claims

We offer a complete claims service.

  • 24/7/365 first notification of loss team.
  • Fast and simple claim reporting.
  • UK-based first notification of loss service.
  • Book the vehicle into repairers on first phone call.

Reported claims

  • Dedicated commercial motor claims experts.
  • We proactively manage vehicle off-road time for your clients.
  • Fast total loss decisions.
  • Three-year guarantee on repairs through our approved network.
  • Specialist technical and bodily injury teams.

Service channels

Cross-sell products

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