Commercial Crime


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Key description

Our 'all risks' Commercial Crime cover includes:

  • Internal Crime - protection against theft, fraud or dishonesty by your employees
  • External Crime - protection against theft, fraud or dishonesty by third parties (this cover is elective)

Automatic Cover Extensions include:

  • Expenses (including investigation costs, legal defence costs, mitigation costs, reinstatement of data costs, reputational recovery costs and property damage expenses as defined)
  • Care, custody & control and client loss
  • Corporate identity fraud
  • Discovery period (90 days)
  • Acquisitions during the period of insurance (subject to size and loss experience threshold)
  • Interest payable or receivable
  • Court attendance and staff disruption costs
  • Contractual penalties
  • Business interruption costs
  • Benefit schemes
  • Malicious damage to data
  • Impairment of money and securities
  • Outsource service provider crime (not limited to administrative functions)
  • Erroneous electronic transfer of money
  • Recruitment costs

Our wide ranging cover is provided on a “loss discovered” basis incorporating:

  • “Any One Claim ” limit of liability
  • Excesses starting at £5,000 (dependent on risk & exposures)
  • Large capacity – we can write up to £25m per risk
  • Innocent non-disclosure clause
  • No voluntary surrender or postal service exceptions
  • ‘Major shareholders’ exception which allows cover to trigger in excess of their shareholding in the business
  • Innovative new wording with cover extensions not offered by our competitors such as recruitment costs and erroneous transfer of money
  • Unlike many of our competitors, we do not limit cover to loss of specified money, securities, property and funds. This is due to the fact that, if a direct financial loss is sustained and the loss cannot be linked to one of these defined terms, there can be a potential grey area in cover.

Typical clients

Broad appetite for Commercial Crime with target businesses being:

  • Financially secure and committed to fraud risk management
  • Medium to large commercial and charity sector risks
  • Public Sector risks – Local Authorities, Police Authorities, Fire Authorities.

We will look at the following on a case by case basis:

  • Excess layers
  • Security firms and haulage risks
  • Risks with a non-ferrous/precious metals exposure
  • Betting offices and other gaming risks
  • Telecom risks/facilities management
  • Antique and fine art exposures.

Selling points

  • Guarantee Society, one of our legacy companies, was the first insurer to provide fidelity insurance, where we have been protecting businesses against fraud since 1840
  • Aviva’s Global Corporate & Specialty team is comprised of experts that work to develop agile solutions tailored to our corporate clients and they adapt to changing business needs
  • Our Commercial Crime solution is designed to provide comprehensive protection against both internal and external fraud exposures, protecting money, balances, stock, work in progress, equipment and machinery
  • Our dedicated, tailor-made claims service ensures corporate clients and brokers get the right support from the right people, every step of the way
  • You can count on us to deal with Global Corporate & Specialty claims efficiently, expertly and above all, fairly.

Service channels

Cross-sell products

  • Property
  • Liability
  • Management Liability
  • Accident & Health

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We provide a dedicated claims management service.

Claims contacts and services

New claims

  • Notify new claims by email, fax or post.
  • UK-based.

Reported claims

  • Experienced and specialist handlers in London and Norwich.

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