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  1. Here’s what you’ve been saying

    You’ve given us loads of great feedback about Aviva Premier over the past year. Here’s some of the comments we’ve received.

    Published: 2014-02-26

  2. Find out more about Aviva Premier

    Have a look at our infographic today.

    Published: 2014-02-25

  3. Win holiday vouchers with Aviva Premier – it’s a piece of cake!

    To celebrate Aviva Premier’s 1st birthday, we’re giving you the chance to win one of ten holiday vouchers worth £500 each*.

    Published: 2014-02-25

  4. It’s Aviva Premier’s 1st Birthday!

    Aviva Premier has now been running for a year; hear from Phil Bayles in our latest Aviva Premier video.

    Published: 2014-02-25

  5. Advice and guidance for your customers about what to do in the event of a flood

    To support you and your customers we've put together the below advice and guidance about what to do in the event of a flood to try and minimise the damage and speed up the repair time - please feel free to share this with your customers.

    Published: 2014-02-13

  6. Fraser Edmond talks to us about his priorities for 2014

    Newly appointed to the role of Broker Performance Director, Fraser Edmond took some time to talk to us about his main focus for this year and how ensuring we’re joined up with our trading teams is key.

    Published: 2014-01-28

  7. Commercial trading - we're raring to go in 2014!

    To echo Phil and Fraser, we want to make trading with us as easy as possible. Our underwriters are getting out and about and are talking to you more than ever before – working closely with you to help you win and retain business.

    Published: 2014-01-28

  8. Keeping you informed about Aviva Broker testing

    We’re continually looking at ways to improve the personalisation and relevance of the content that Aviva Broker provides you, so over the next few weeks, you may see some changes to the way you’re asked to log into the Aviva Broker website.

    Published: 2014-01-24

  9. Aviva Schemes business – important to you and important to us

    At Aviva we're constantly aspiring to be your number 1 and one of the ways we’re putting this in to practice is by listening to how you want to do business with us and acting on this. One of the areas you’ve highlighted as important to you is schemes.

    Published: 2014-01-24

  10. Coming soon - Aviva Broker Community Fund, 2014

    As we enter the New Year with the festive season behind us, the Broker Community Fund gives us all something to look forward to...

    Published: 2014-01-24

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