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  1. Keeping you informed about Aviva Broker testing

    We’re continually looking at ways to improve the personalisation and relevance of the content that Aviva Broker provides you, so over the next few weeks, you may see some changes to the way you’re asked to log into the Aviva Broker website.

    Published: 2014-01-24

  2. Aviva Schemes business – important to you and important to us

    At Aviva we're constantly aspiring to be your number 1 and one of the ways we’re putting this in to practice is by listening to how you want to do business with us and acting on this. One of the areas you’ve highlighted as important to you is schemes.

    Published: 2014-01-24

  3. Coming soon - Aviva Broker Community Fund, 2014

    As we enter the New Year with the festive season behind us, the Broker Community Fund gives us all something to look forward to...

    Published: 2014-01-24

  4. Aviva Premiership Rugby – coming to a school near you?

    AVIVA PREMIERSHIP RUGBY'S key legacy project, the Aviva Schools Programme, is now in its fourth season and a school of your choice could take part.

    Published: 2014-01-24

  5. Updates from the FCA

    As you’ll be aware, the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority are now our Industry’s regulator.

    Published: 2014-01-24

  6. Save £1,500 with Club 110 offer from Timebox

    Timebox is a web-hosted, client profitability tool designed especially for brokers and Club 110 members can benefit from free start up costs and hourly cost rate calculation assistance, until November 30th 2014.

    Published: 2014-01-24

  7. Want to perfect your Marketing in 2014?

    This year our online marketing resource, Broker Marketing Mentor will be offering you more support than ever before.

    Published: 2014-01-24

  8. Ghost broking – ABI support national awareness campaign

    Late last year the national Get a real deal campaign was launched to raise awareness of ‘ghost broking’ amongst young drivers.

    Published: 2014-01-24

  9. Blended learning – the pathway to effective learning

    Now 2014 is in full swing, we’re pleased to announce the introduction of our new Blended Learning Pathways. These hassle-free routes through learning are the latest addition to our existing Aviva Development Zone proposition.

    Published: 2014-01-24

  10. Our claims service gets a big thumbs up

    We’re all aware of the adverse weather conditions over the festive period and the devastating effects experienced by many. Our Aviva claims teams were on hand to provide support, helping to get your customers back on their feet. One broker who was impressed with the quality of our claims service was Jelf’s Rob Worrell.

    Published: 2014-01-24

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