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  1. Fraudulently induced accidents

    The number of induced accidents, where fraudsters deliberately target innocent motorists to cause accidents in order to claim whiplash compensation account for nearly half of all organised motor fraud we detect here at Aviva. “Crash for cash” doesn’t just push up premiums; it puts innocent motorists at risk from serious injury. So what is the scam, where are customers most as risk from induced accidents, what should they look for and, in the unfortunate event that they are involved, what should they do?

    Published: 2016-04-12

  2. How can your customers cope with disruption?

    Business Continuity is an essential part of any business. Here at Aviva, we offer a number of business continuity services to our customers. These range from audits of their existing business continuity plans, to advising on indemnity periods and supply chain risk assessments, to training key staff – how can we help your clients?

    Published: 2016-04-12

  3. Important information concerning Australian customs and immigration strikes

    Australian customs and immigration staff are planning a number of strikes commencing Thursday 24 March and are planned to last for several weeks. This could affect flights into and out of Australia.

    Published: 2016-03-24

  4. Important information for customers traveling to or through Brussels

    Following the reported explosions at Brussels Airport and Maalbeek metro station; the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised people who are travelling to, or currently in Brussels to stay away from crowded places and to avoid public transport.

    Published: 2016-03-22

  5. Important information concerning French air traffic control strike

    French air traffic controllers are on strike for 3 days, starting from 20.03.16 and due to end Tuesday 22.03.16. This is affecting flights into and out of France plus any flights crossing French airspace, and a number of flights have already been cancelled or delayed.

    Published: 2016-03-20

  6. Aviva Full Year Results and new CEO Announcement

    Although you may already have seen the headlines I wanted to draw your attention to two important announcements that we have made this morning.

    Published: 2016-03-10

  7. Financial Crime Risk Assessment

    The FCA has revealed that there’s still more to do when it comes to identifying, assessing and tackling financial crime risks within brokerages. So, we’ve created a set of guidelines to help you complete a financial crime risk assessment (FCRA).

    Published: 2016-03-08

  8. Making customer payments easier

    The Aviva Broker Collections portal is already being used by over 2,100 brokers to pay their accounts online.

    Published: 2016-03-08

  9. Could your clients be underinsured?

    Of the 2000 commercial properties surveyed by BCH in 2015, 87% were underinsured. Underinsurance can be a huge risk to businesses and is increasingly complex when calculating business interruption and indemnity periods. But we’re here to help…

    Published: 2016-03-08

  10. If it’s hard to place go to Marketplace

    We know that some risks are hard to place and that you need a trusted solution. That’s where our newly improved Marketplace comes in.

    Published: 2016-03-08

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