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  1. What’s important to you?

    You’ve told us that you want to receive communications from Aviva that are based on your choices, preferences, and interests. So, based on your good thinking, we’ve developed an all-new broker preference centre that’s all about you.

    Published: 2016-05-27

  2. How can your clients be protected against electrical fires?

    Did you know that faults in property electrical systems or machinery account for a significant number of building fires? Fixed wiring, portable appliances, and machinery need to be regularly inspected to avoid overheating or insulation failure which ultimately, if left unchecked could cause a fire. So, how are we here at Aviva using new technology to help combat this issue?

    Published: 2016-05-27

  3. Important information concerning Zika virus

    A number of countries have reported outbreaks of the Zika virus.

    Published: 2016-05-25

  4. Cracking down on home policy fraud

    At Aviva, we’re committed to fighting fraud for our customers and brokers. It’s all about working with you to improve our ability to deter, prevent and detect fraud and to close the front door to fraudsters.

    Published: 2016-05-11

  5. See you at BIBA!

    The 11 & 12 May will once more see around 4,000 people descend on Manchester Central for Europe's largest insurance broker event. We've got a lot to look forward to!

    Published: 2016-05-09

  6. Connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn

    Do you want the latest news and views from Aviva? Just connect with us on Twitter and Linkedin, so you are first in the know.

    Published: 2016-05-09

  7. Can summer be more dangerous than winter?

    Summer is nearly here and protecting your business is just as important now just as any other time of year. From arson to sunburn and drug driving to driver distractions – summer needs just as good risk management as the rest of the year to protect businesses and employees.

    Published: 2016-05-09

  8. Motor Risk Management

    How do your clients keep their employees and other road users safe whilst driving on business? There’s both legislation and corporate social responsibility to take into account, so how does your client go about this?

    Published: 2016-05-09

  9. Do you find it hard to place leisure vehicle risks?

    Leisure vehicles are becoming more and more popular in the UK and last year saw a 21.1% increase in new UK motorhome registrations.* So, how can you easily get a quote and look after your customers who are out and about in caravans and motor homes?

    Published: 2016-05-09

  10. Making it easier to get in touch

    You’ve told us that you need to easily find useful contact details on Aviva Broker, so we’ve done exactly that. Plus, we’ll only show you contact details that are relevant to you.

    Published: 2016-05-09

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