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  1. Road to Reform

    Throughout 2016, we continued the fight against Britain’s compensation culture and fraudulent whiplash claims with our ‘Road to Reform’ campaign. We remain committed to always look after those who’ve been genuinely injured and pay honest claims fairly and quickly, but also to vigorously defend fraudulent or inflated claims.

    Published: 2016-11-30

  2. Risk Management is Good Thinking

    This year, we’ve shared with you lots of risk management advice to help minimise risks to your commercial clients. Risk varies from sector to sector and business to business, but it’s a constant factor that demands consideration if you want to help protect your clients’ business.

    Published: 2016-11-30

  3. Introduction of ‘The Insurance Act’

    In August ‘The Insurance Act 2015’ came into force, making substantial changes to the way our industry looks at Commercial insurance. Four months on and we’re continuing to develop our procedures and processes to ensure the best outcomes for your clients.

    Published: 2016-11-30

  4. Product enhancements to tackle underinsurance

    We're enhancing our SME offering on Fast Trade by providing one combined sum insured with an automatic 20% increase, removal of average and increased limits to help ensure that should the worst happen, your clients don't find themselves without sufficient cover in place.

    Published: 2016-11-30

  5. Want more control over the emails you receive?

    In June 2016, we launched our Broker Preference Centre. This is the place to tell us what communications you want to receive from Aviva based on your choices, preferences and interests. Over 3,500 of you have now told us their preferences.

    Published: 2016-11-30

  6. How are we on your side, by your side?

    Where do you turn when you want new regulations explained in an easy to understand way? Earlier this year we launched our Good Thinking hub – which holds a host of information to support you, whatever challenge comes your way.

    Published: 2016-11-30

  7. Giving your high net worth customers more

    This year we welcomed Aviva Private Clients – our new and improved high net worth insurance offering delivering a level of insurance excellence that perfectly complements your clients’ lifestyle, and makes it easier than ever to do business with us.

    Published: 2016-11-30

  8. How can you achieve cut-through in a crowded mid-market?

    Sometimes you need to offer something extra special to impress your client, to get a piece of new business over the line or hold on to an important case.

    Published: 2016-11-30

  9. Marketplace

    In February we refreshed the Aviva Marketplace to give you a range of specialist products for those harder-to-place risks, all in one place. Furthermore, through 2016 we added 10 new products so whether your clients are antique dealers or aviation traders, scaffolders or static caravan owners you can find the right cover on Marketplace.

    Published: 2016-11-30

  10. We'll help you sell health insurance

    Back in January, as part of our commitment to you, we were pleased to offer you the opportunity to develop a new revenue stream for your business. Our multi-award-winning private medical insurance answers the demand for high-quality health cover. It'll also give you the opportunity to help you attract new clients and retain existing ones.

    Published: 2016-11-30

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