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  1. An expert view on why the UK insurance market is hardening

    In an uncertain market, insight and experience can be vital for successful trading, so we’ve teamed up with Alan Chandler to get his independent view on why the UK insurance market is hardening.

    Published: 2020-07-10

  2. A message from Dave Carey on market conditions and the desire to deliver business growth

    Dave Carey, Head of Mid-Market Trading at Aviva, gives us his opinion on the current insurance market conditions, the concerns and considerations he’s currently hearing, and how COVID-19 has affected ways of working.

    Published: 2020-07-10

  3. Fast Trade - Minifleet

    Published: 2020-07-07

  4. Helping ensure you actively review and renew

    On Fast Trade we’ve made it as simple as possible to see which policies are coming up to their renewal dates by displaying a list of upcoming renewals on the Fast Trade homepage once you log in.

    Published: 2020-07-06

  5. Motorhome & campervan owners: The impact of easing lockdown

    For many, summer holidays in 2020 will mean setting out in motorhomes or campervans and exploring areas of the beautiful UK countryside or further afield. Ben Cue, Operations Director VM Insurance, shared his thoughts on the changing face of the UK leisure vehicle sector.

    Published: 2020-06-26

  6. Information about the FCA business interruption Test Case

    On 1 May 2020, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced that it intended to obtain a court declaration to resolve uncertainty around whether certain non-damage business interruption insurance policies provide cover for losses arising as a result of COVID-19.

    Published: 2020-06-24

  7. Co-Browse through Live Chat

    Co-Browse functionality within Live Chat is now live to help us help you on Fast Trade

    Published: 2020-06-22

  8. Want to engage effectively with your clients? – Why not record a video message?

    Our expert video partner has produced a handy guide that shows you how to get the best results when filming yourself.

    Published: 2020-06-10

  9. Remaining vigilant in the fight against fraud

    Tom Gardiner, Head of Fraud, Claims Recoveries & Risk for Aviva UK GI, gives his views on the current Fraud landscape.

    Published: 2020-06-10

  10. Update on our Policy Cover for Unoccupied Properties & Sites

    To support you and your clients with getting back to business, we’re extending our policy cover for properties & sites that are unoccupied for a further period of 45 days.

    Published: 2020-06-10

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