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  1. Next stop, Leeds.

    The team have been on the road in January to bring the Broker Roadshows to a city near you. And with more events still to come, don’t miss your opportunity to join us there.

    Published: 2018-02-13

  2. What do you want to hear about?

    Since we launched the Broker Preference Centre, 11,992 of you have told us your communication preferences. Update your preferences today!

    Published: 2018-01-29

  3. Special gifts and presents

    It’s February and romance is in the air! St Valentine’s Day is often deemed to be the perfect time to splash out on a treat for your nearest and dearest.

    Published: 2018-01-29

  4. What costs the industry £2.5m a day?

    Water damage is one of the most common sources of property insurance claims for owners of office buildings, hotels, retail premises and other commercial buildings including blocks of flats. Find out what actions you can take to prevent this.

    Published: 2018-01-29

  5. Our Commercial Application Fraud Team

    With over 100 years of experience, the nine experts in our commercial application fraud team work to prevent, detect and respond to fraud across the product lifecycle. Let’s find out a little more about them.

    Published: 2018-01-29

  6. New cover for your Charity clients

    This month we’re launching a new offering on Marketplace to cater for a wide range of charity organisations, replacing the previous ‘Charity care’ product.

    Published: 2018-01-29

  7. Do your clients have risks in the US? New taxation law may affect you.

    The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is US (United States of America) law designed to combat US tax evasion. If you deal with any client risks that have US Source Premium, here's how the recent changes may impact you.

    Published: 2018-01-29

  8. The results are in. So how did we do?

    At the back end of 2017, we conducted the second wave of our bi-annual broker service and sentiment research through an independent research agency. Here’s how we’re looking.

    Published: 2018-01-29

  9. Our Fraud Team

    At Aviva, we take fraud very seriously – it’s all about protecting you and your customers. So, let’s find out a little more about out what our fraud team does.

    Published: 2018-01-08

  10. Do you have a new Schemes opportunity?

    We’re really passionate about schemes. Our experience in working with schemes goes back many decades and we currently have over 200 commercial schemes with our broker partners. Find out more here.

    Published: 2018-01-08

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