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  1. Public Liability limits that take care of business

    For 84 selected trades, on our Self employed product, the minimum Public Liability limit we will now quote at is £2m as standard across both Fast Trade and iMarket from 9 October 2017.

    Published: 2017-09-26

  2. Important - New Bank Account Details

    We've recently changed the bank account details that you need to use when making your monthly account payment to us.

    Published: 2017-09-22

  3. Attract new business with Content Marketing

    Last Thursday we hosted our third webinar topic to our Broker Marketing Community on, 'The ABC to Content Marketing (for Insurance Brokers)' - listen to the recording now.

    Published: 2017-09-12

  4. Important information for Aviva customers travelling to The Caribbean and Florida

    Although the immediate danger has now passed, the recent hurricanes have caused widespread damage across the Caribbean and in parts of Florida.

    Published: 2017-09-06

  5. What are you doing tomorrow at 2.30pm?

    Why not join our free online webinar on Content Marketing for insurance brokers.

    Published: 2017-08-31

  6. How do you manage hot works risks?

    During 2016 the average loss from hot working fires was almost £250,000, but there was a single loss in 2010 that amounted to almost £50,000,000*.

    Published: 2017-08-31

  7. Insurance Distribution Directive Update

    At Aviva we believe that the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) represents the biggest regulatory change to general insurance since the onset of statutory regulation in 2005. What will IDD mean for us all?

    Published: 2017-08-31

  8. Classic, rare and cult vehicles

    Classic, rare and cult vehicles have always been a popular purchase for enthusiasts and in recent years there’s been an increase in their value.

    Published: 2017-08-31

  9. Specialist Bailiff and Private Investigator cover

    Having the right insurance is a fundamental requirement of any business, but for Enforcement Agents and Private Investigators, there are inherent risks involved with day to day business that requires elements of specialist cover.

    Published: 2017-08-31

  10. We take Personal Lines Personally

    From everyday cars to high net worth homes, we’re committed to continually improving and evolving our personal lines offering. We’re really excited about how we can support you and your customers. So, what have we been up to?

    Published: 2017-08-31

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