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  1. Enhanced cover with our new Business Interruption calculator

    Our new Business Interruption calculator takes the uncertainty out of your client’s cover.

    Published: 2017-05-24

  2. The Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD)

    The Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) comes into effect in February 2018. What does this mean for our industry?

    Published: 2017-05-17

  3. Demonstrating the value of Management Liability cover

    How can you show your clients how important having Management Liability cover is?

    Published: 2017-05-08

  4. Edition 6: Map out your marketing for success

    Since November 2016, we’ve been sharing with you a suite of documents from our Business Optimisation team. The aim of this suite of documents is to help shine a light on opportunities that can help maximise the potential of your business. The next topic is Marketing.

    Published: 2017-05-05

  5. Free customer newsletter templates now live!

    After receiving feedback that our brokers would like more support with creating professionally designed customer newsletters, we've refreshed our Customer Newsletter templates.

    Published: 2017-05-04

  6. Succession and the importance of advice

    When you’re considering selling your business it’s really important to get the right advice. Where do you go for this advice?

    Published: 2017-05-04

  7. Preventing losses from Escape of Water on Construction Sites

    An escape of water can be truly devastating to businesses. The number and severity of escape of water incidents have increased in recent years and are now the most likely cause of a loss on construction sites. How can Aviva help prevent such losses?

    Published: 2017-05-04

  8. Aviva Private Clients – Summer Holidays

    With summer approaching many of us will have turned our minds to holidays or staycations. During this planning time we hear messages all the time telling us about associated risks from holiday booking fraudsters, illnesses or crime whilst away to protecting ourselves from the sun.

    Published: 2017-05-04

  9. Giving your motor Aviva Private Clients more

    When your clients have more, they expect a level of cover to match - it’s only natural. We’ve taken the opportunity to upgrade our Aviva Private Clients motor product. So, what changes have we made?

    Published: 2017-05-04

  10. Get your Aviation cover off to a flying start

    Do you have any clients involved in the aviation industry? Did you know Aviva can offer Aviation cover through Marketplace, with our experts in the field - Hayward Aviation.

    Published: 2017-05-04

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