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  1. Free marketing templates to support your business’s growth potential

    We've designed an online tool called Broker Create that gives you access to an online library of ready made template communications to help you promote the great benefits offered by our products.

    Published: 2019-03-06

  2. Is your business safe online?

    You’ve worked hard to grow and develop your business; your reputation now proceeds it. Imagine if that reputation could be damaged irreparably within seconds and at the push of a button. It would feel devastating.

    Published: 2019-03-06

  3. Top 5 tips for scheme pitch success

    You’re confident that a scheme will take your business to the next level, but you know you need the support of a trusted partner to help you develop, launch and grow your idea. The question is; how do you successfully pitch your niche scheme idea to your potential new insurance partner?

    Published: 2019-03-06

  4. Let’s Talk- Brexit; Property and Liability

    With Brexit’s imminent arrival businesses are starting to stockpile with some taking on additional premises to store this stock whilst others are relocating products and services. So, the question is how is this affecting their insurance and how are your clients’ sums insured keeping up?

    Published: 2019-02-12

  5. Broker Barometer – Brexit Looms

    Despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, brokers are still planning for growth and expansion in 2019. Aviva’s latest Broker Barometer survey highlights that even though the landscape may be complex for brokers, many are taking future-proofing strides.

    Published: 2019-02-08

  6. Business built on partnerships

    Supporting the growth ambitions of mid-market businesses by working with you as a trusted partner, can provide real value to the running of their business.

    Published: 2019-02-07

  7. £1,000 awards announced to brokers building stronger communities

    Since 2010 hundreds of brokers have secured funding for local causes in their community through the Aviva Community Fund. Last month we announced another wave of broker winners and the causes they’re championing to build stronger communities.

    Published: 2019-02-07

  8. Introducing our new Claims guide

    We’ve recently developed a comprehensive Claims Guide with everything you and your clients need to know about Aviva’s SME claims services, all in one place.

    Published: 2019-02-06

  9. Space filling up fast for the Broker Roadshows

    Our 2019 Broker Roadshows kicked off in last week in Glasgow and we opened the doors to welcome brokers from across Scotland to hear more about our support to them and their business in 2019.

    Published: 2019-02-06

  10. The 6 marketing resolutions you need to keep this year

    A tendency to look on the bright side is never more evident than at the start of the year when New Year resolutions are made. Within days, sometimes within hours, most will have been quietly forgotten.

    Published: 2019-02-06

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