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  1. Club 110 Conference 2019 - What the outcomes mean for you

    Discover what the conference outcomes mean for our club going forward - training, webinars and more! An insight into what’s coming in 2020.

    Published: 2019-10-03

  2. 85% of you are concerned about underinsurance – how are we helping?

    With underinsurance being one of the biggest challenges we face, discover how we’re supporting you and your clients with advanced intelligence to identify and provide solutions to tackle it.

    Published: 2019-10-03

  3. Brexit – a reminder and update on Green Cards

    As 31 October approaches, uncertainty continues about whether the UK leaves the European Union without a Withdrawal Agreement (a ‘no-deal Brexit’). If this happens, UK motor insurance customers driving in the European Economic Area, Andorra, Serbia and Switzerland will need physical proof of motor insurance when they travel, commonly referred to as a Green Card.

    Published: 2019-10-03

  4. Supporting you to overcome challenges

    The insurance market never stands still and there are constant challenges that you face. Nick Burrows leads the distribution propositions team here at Aviva - a team are dedicated to developing and delivering solutions to overcome today's challenges.

    Published: 2019-09-24

  5. Enquiry functionality launches on Fast Trade

    Are you frustrated with quote re-submissions on Fast Trade? We've delivered new functionality at the quote and policy summary screens to resolve the issue.

    Published: 2019-09-18

  6. Get involved for Aviva’s Global Mapathon

    For the fourth year running, Aviva is hosting a Global Mapathon with our global strategic partner, the Red Cross, to help build safer and stronger communities across the world.

    Published: 2019-09-12

  7. Protecting you, your business and your clients from fraudulent transactions

    Did you know since 2012, ecommerce fraud in the UK has doubled? To protect individuals and businesses when transacting online, the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) has been created by the European Banking Authority (EBA).

    Published: 2019-09-12

  8. How to create great videos

    Do you know that the human brain processes visual data 600,000 times quicker than text? If you do, you won’t be surprised to learn that 70% of B2B marketers are now using video in their marketing mix.

    Published: 2019-09-11

  9. Do you know the 5 common challenges faced at work?

    Whether you’re new to leading a team or have been in leadership for several years, managing the challenges that come up is something every leader has to face.

    Published: 2019-09-11

  10. Saving you and your clients time at renewal

    To reduce unnecessary and time-consuming work for you and your clients, we’re no longer sending out the Motor Trade Renewal Form. This will take effect for renewals from 16 December 2019.

    Published: 2019-09-11

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