Think a machinery breakdown could throw a spanner in your client’s works?

Our comprehensive range of engineering insurance takes in a broad spectrum of specialities, offering protection for everything from computers to cranes. With one of our Speciality Lines business development managers in your region, the support to sell these complex covers is close at hand.

Our Engineering products include stand-alone Computer cover that protects your clients and their data against types of malicious activity not covered elsewhere.

In addition to Computer cover, Engineering encompasses other specialist covers designed to deal with industry-specific scenarios:

·         Electronic equipment

·         Machinery breakdown

·         Deterioration of refrigerated stock

·         Contract works

·         Contractors' plants

·         Renewable energy equipment


Most plant and machinery requires regular inspection to ensure that it complies with the appropriate legislation, but given the breadth of equipment this covers it can be a bit of a minefield to navigate.

To support the Engineering covers available, our Engineering Inspection site is designed to help guide you through this legislation and help you support your customers in understanding their responsibilities under it.

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