Reach more SME clients

You've told us that you sometimes need help with your SME marketing, so we've created 11 new templates, available on that you can use to target potential new SME clients.

The 11 new Broker Create templates give you access to professional marketing templates that you can personalise and send to your prospective SME clients. They cover the following products that are all available on Fast Trade;

·         Shop and Salon

·         Office and Surgery

·         Self Employed

·         Minifleet

·         Pub, Restaurant and Hotel

·         Commercial Property Owners

·         Residential Property Owners

·         Manufacturing and Wholesale

·         Computers

·         Cargo

·         Freight


A bit about Fast Trade

Fast Trade is our award winning platform to trade SME business online. It has full cycle capability that’s simple to use and accessed via Aviva Broker. We’re continuously improving Fast Trade based on your feedback as well as that of your customers.

These new marketing templates are designed to save you time and money and should put you in a really strong position to start to reach out to new SME clients.

And don't forget, you can log on to our free online marketing resource any time you need it, giving you instant access to even more guidance on how to reach new customers and generate new enquiries.

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