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For many of you, the COVID-19 pandemic has meant adapting to working from home and connecting with colleagues and clients in a totally different way. With so much changing around us each day and with so much information available, accessing the right information at the right time has become even more critical. Webinars are a great way to keep informed in the current climate, and we’ve been putting together a schedule of sessions to help you through this challenging situation.

Thank you if you’ve joined them. If you haven’t, read on to find out how signing up could benefit you and your business… 

Keep up to date with latest developments and trends. 

Our webinars are an easy way to find out what’s happening across a variety of topics, learn more about industry issues and pick up best practice and guidance - from more general topics such as wellbeing through to specialist subjects like cyber and homeworking. 

Easy-to-absorb information from experts.

Our webinars are hosted by subject-matter experts who give you the pertinent points in bitesize chunks. They’ve done all the research, so you can relax and take in the key information. We send referenced documents and links to other helpful information in the session follow-up email that you receive. 

Time efficient.

Our webinars tend to only be an hour long, meaning they’re easy to schedule into your day like you would a meeting. They’re also recorded so that you watch again and share the link with your teams. 

Interactive, it’s not just about listening. 

Most of our sessions have an interactive question and answer element to allow you to find out more from the expert. This allows you to hear what other brokers want to know and some of the challenges they may be facing too. 

Development opportunities

Attending webinars is a great way to keep your training and professional development on track. Our webinars count towards CPD hours and you’ll receive a certificate of attendance in the follow-up email we send.  

Check out the COVID-19-related webinars that we’ve run so far on Aviva Broker including:

•Navigating HR issues during COVID19

•Cyber Security and Homeworking

•Effective homeworking 

•Effectively managing a team remotely

•Coronavirus and Pandemic Planning


And look out for future invites via email and on Aviva Broker.


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