Storm Ciara Update

The impact of Storm Ciara earlier this month was significant and widespread across the UK, with homes and businesses impacted by the severe weather. UK Claims Director, Andrew Morrish, has provided an update on how we're responding to our customers in need:

“Since Storm Ciara hit over the weekend, we’ve been providing emergency support to our customers across the UK. We’ve also been sharing advice through our website and social media channels, to help our customers to take preventative steps. 

“Storm Ciara is unusual in that it has affected a wide area and so far we’ve seen an increase of around 285% in telephone calls and claims, compared to January. Customers are able to contact us in a number of ways and around 10% of people have made a claim using our online claims facility. 

“The majority of claims have been from people whose properties have been affected by strong winds, such as loose roof tiles, broken windows and fallen trees, but we are also starting to see flood claims. We are monitoring the situation closely, particularly where there are flood warnings in place.

“We are speaking to customers across many parts of the country, but the worst affected areas are Nottingham, Birmingham, Norwich, Sheffield and Bradford.

“To help our customers, we are using technology to help settle claims more quickly, either using desk-based technology to assess damage, or through our storm calculators. This means that around 12% of customers have already received payments.

“We have a network of suppliers who are already helping our customers – securing doors and windows for example – and our field consultants are out and about across the regions, speaking to our customers face-to-face. Our claims experts have already identified claims from vulnerable customers and we are working with our network of suppliers to ensure these claims are given priority. 

“Some customers may not have had the opportunity to check their properties yet, so we’d urge them to visit their homes and business premises as soon as it is safe to do so. If there is any damage, we’d encourage them to get in touch as soon as possible, so we can help them with their claims.

“With Storm Dennis forecast for later in the week, we’d encourage people to take precautions to protect their homes and vehicles."

Prevention first

To support you and your clients in protecting their homes and businesses from common winter risks, our Winter Risk Management Bulletin has some helpful advice to protect against storm damage and flooding. 

Through Broker Create on Aviva Broker, you can dual-brand a version of this Bulletin to share with your clients. In a few simple steps, you can add your own logo, broker name and contact details and download a shareable PDF. Head to Broker Create today to get started.

Your claims details

For details of our claims contact centres and your Claims Relationship Managers for you and your clients, visit our Claims page on Aviva Broker here.


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