Top tips from the experts on motorhome cover

Whilst uncertainty around Brexit has stifled many aspects of the UK economy in recent months and years, new motorhome and campervan registrations continue to grow.

There are an estimated 225,000* motorhomes in the UK. As of November 2019, cumulative new motorhome and campervan registrations were up 4.4% to 14,805 and MAT registrations were up 4.8% to 15,3231*. And it’s anticipated that this year-on-year growth is set to continue – driven by the flexibility that these vehicles offer their owners. 

Whether it’s a hiking trip around the Highlands of Scotland, or a long-haul tour across Europe, motorhomes provide the perfect travelling companion for holidaymakers and retirees. 

The need to knows about motorhome insurance

With the average price of a motorhome costing in excess of £50,000, it’s important that owners have the right specialist insurance should the unexpected happen. 

Experts VM Insurance know a thing or two about what owners should consider when taking out specialist insurance. Here’s some of the important factors your clients should consider before placing their cover:

  • Foreign Use Cover – While we await clarification on the details of the UK’s ultimate exit from the European Union (EU), many motorhome owners will still be planning their European getaways post Brexit. Do they have Green Card/foreign use cover included with their policy? VM Insurance provides this cover as standard.
  • The rising costs of windscreens – The cost of glass claims in the market are continuing to increase as more technology is being built into motorhome windscreens. It’s advised that clients take out insurance that includes unlimited glass cover to avoid being left with any unexpected bills. 
  • Breakdown – Repatriating a broken-down motorhome, passengers and equipment can be a very expensive and stressful exercise if the client doesn’t have the right cover in place. VM Insurance offer optional UK and European breakdown cover. Policies are designed to specifically cater for the weight and size of motorhomes, and should the worst happen, they include repatriation from across Europe.  
  • New for Old Cover – Motorhomes are expensive to run and maintain and are often the prized possession of many owners. In the event of a devastating loss, it’s important that your clients can get back on the road as quickly as possible. For vehicles up to 36 months old/15,000 miles, VM Insurance will offer new-for-old cover.  
Get a quote from the experts

As insurance specialists, VM Insurance are Aviva’s trusted provider for the Motorhome insurance product on Marketplace - Aviva’s home of hard-to-place risks. 

To find out more and obtain a quote for the Motor Caravan product, head to Marketplace today. Alternatively, you can contact VM Insurance directly on 020 8984 0333 or via

*Figures are supplied by the NCC.

** Figures are supplied by DVLA and relate to all new vehicle registrations including imports and those by non-NCC members


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