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The red carpet has been rolled out, the popcorn demolished, and you’ve been sharing your thoughts on the new silver screen-style roadshows. We’re delighted you’re enjoying them as much as we are. With live webinars planned in March, read on to find out what you’re telling us about this year’s events and how to register for the webinars. 

So, what have you being saying about the 2020 roadshows so far…?

On the format…

You’ve shared your reviews on the new cinema-style format with feedback including: 

“Compared with previous roadshows I thought the idea of addressing everyone at once was a great help rather than moving around from room to room” Glasgow Broker. 

You also told us you wanted a bit more time to network, so we’ve listened and extended the break to ensure you have time with the people you want to see. Feedback overall so far shows many of you have embraced the change - enjoying the cinema style-films, networking and food. With one Broker commenting that “the cinema theme was different and made this event stand out from other insurer events”. 

Your app feedback…

Our new Broker roadshow app has given you the opportunity to interact live and send in feedback during the sessions. One Belfast broker said, “Loved the app and the new voting system!” It also received praise from another Broker; “a very good tool to engage ‘real’ views of brokers. Rather than a show of hands for agreeing with a certain point and feeling singled out; with the app, you look at the 2% or 49% and say well I am in that but no one else will know it’s me. I think this will give AVIVA a real and honest view of brokers rather than either no show of hands or no participation at questions and answers in the room.” Look out for the results of the app questions and votes in the Roadshow highlights we’ll be sharing in March.

You also told us...

That you’ve been enjoying the content and messages and want to share what you’ve heard at the roadshows with your teams. To make this easy for you, we’ve arranged a series of webinars for you to access from your own office. Find out more information and register today by clicking the relevant links below:

Last but not least…

There’s still time to come along to our London Roadshow on 26 February. To find out more and reserve your place, speak to your Aviva sales manager today, or email your details to theloop@aviva.com with subject title ‘Broker Roadshows 2020 London’.

Don't miss your opportunity to get involved. You can keep up to date with the Roadshows on Twitter and LinkedIn. #BrokerRoadshows


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