Managing claims with driver telematics and cameras

"At Aviva we have what we call a prevention first philosophy. This strategy is about engaging with clients and helping them to implement appropriate solutions that reduce risk and mitigate loss." Neil Shaw, Senior Motor Risk Consultant.



A prevention first approach 

Our prevention first approach aims to prevent claims from happening in the first place - benefiting your clients so they can focus on what matters; growing a successful business. Access to our wide range of specialist partners – who offer specialist risk management advice to your clients at discount prices – forms part of this approach.

VUE are one of those specialist partners. They provide in-vehicle camera and telematics systems, cloud hosting platforms which monitor and record collisions and incidents, as well as identifying associated driving behaviour. This results in improved fleet operational efficiency and environmental impact, as well as providing insightful data analytics with the aim of reducing collisions and associated costs.

The use of driver telematic technology can support the operation of a safe and efficient business and significantly reduce your client’s exposure to fraudulent motor insurance claims. At Aviva, we’re dedicated to reducing the threat of crash for cash claims which unnecessarily increase premium costs for our customers, through our Road to Reform campaign that supports whiplash laws in the UK and promotes the importance of first notification of loss (FNOL). 

It was reported that at-work road crashes are estimated to cost UK employers more than £2.7 billion a year*, and at Aviva we detected £80 million of suspect or fraudulent claims in 2018 - 66% of which came from motor injury and 10% from motor collisions**. The good news is that these numbers have decreased year on year, so let’s continue to use innovative ways to fight fraud and support your clients through proactive risk management.  

Watch the video the learn more

VUE have recently created a short video case study which highlights the benefits of implementing prevention strategies. With the support and expertise of our risk management consultant, the customer - Johnson’s Workwear - has seen significant improvement to the running of their business through the integration of the technology into their 370 commercial vehicles. Watch now to learn more about how our partnership with VUE can support you and your customers mitigate risks, defend claims and therefore improving efficiency as well as safety.

To find out more about our specialist partner network please get in contact with your usual underwriter or take a look at our overview guide

*Association of British Insurers
**Aviva UK Insurance claims data 2019


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