91% of brokers believe they’re not making the most of digital marketing

Over the course of 12 Digital Marketing Webinars, we’ve collated some interesting insight into how brokers feel towards a range of different marketing activities. 

For example, did you know only 34%* of brokers use Google Ads to generate leads, yet 84%* will click on Google Ads when researching goods or services for themselves?


And well over a third (39%)* of brokers admit to never using Google Analytics to track how well their website is performing, a surprising statistic given how important a business’s online presence is – see our full infographic here.

Improve your marketing 

If you’re one of the many brokers who wants to take advantage of digital marketing to drive in new business, our Marketing Support Programme is here to help, and best of all, it’s free! 

  • Broker Mentor – get online access to practical step-by-step guides on anything from website development, to social media strategy, to video marketing and everything in between
  • Marketing Webinars – download and watch any of our 12 webinars, presented by award-winning industry experts, designed specifically for our brokers
  • Broker Marketing Community – join our growing community of marketing-minded brokers to receive weekly hints and tips as well as being the first to receive exclusive invites to our live webinars.

If you have any questions about marketing support, please contact:

*statistics referenced are a result of the analysis undertaken from the 12 Digital Marketing webinars.

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