Doing more with Motor

If you use CDL, Acturis & Applied Systems (formerly you should be aware that recent updates mean that you can now do more on your Software House when it comes to our motor product.


We’re constantly looking at ways to improve the service we provide and make it as easy as possible for you to do business with us and as a result this revision sees an alignment of our offering across Software Houses and enables you to write a wider range of occupations and also vehicles up to the value of £125K.


The following occupations are now available on these Software Houses:


·         Acrobat

·         Circus Proprietor

·         Circus Worker

·         Dealer - Scrap/Waste

·         Diplomat

·         Fairground Worker

·         Gambler

·         General Worker

·         Itinerant Labourer

·         Itinerant Trader

·         Metal Dealer

·         Mobile Disc Jockey

·         Mobile Disco Owner

·         Salvage Dealer

·         Scrap Dealer

·         Showman

·         Travelling Showman

·         Waste Dealer



For more information about the changes we’ve made, contact your dedicated Personal Lines Underwriting team.

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