7 Reasons to attend - RSVP 'Yes'!

With technology at our fingertips, it’s become the norm to maximise the time in our working days hiding behind a computer screen. Whether you’re dialling into remote meetings, getting quotes and policies online or finding a “how-to” guide on YouTube (Excel tips… we’ve all done it). There’s no doubt that technology has opened up more time in our diaries but at what cost?


What happens when you get an invitation to attend a conference? Do you ignore it thinking you’ve no time for it? And if so, what are you missing out on? Here, we look at the importance of attending events.

People power face to face

Face-to-face connections are becoming even more important in the modern world. Conferences are a brilliant way to network, you never know who you might meet. The more your network grows the more you are open to opportunities. Avoid the discouragement mindset - thinking all of your competitors will be there too. Instead think of conferences as an opportunity for referrals and new business. 

New space, new perspective

Getting out of the office can give your mind the rest it needs to see new opportunities and approaches. It's easy to become stuck in a rut when the routine is comfortable and familiar. Take the time to leave the office and embrace fresh thinking and new ideas.

New tips & new tactics 

Attending an event gives you the opportunity to find out about companies that can help you and your business. You could spend an afternoon browsing the web looking for the information but how often do you do that? At events, key suppliers with products and services that are relevant to you and your business are all in one space. Plus, if you need to ask a question or find out more the opportunity is there. 

Fortune favours the bold

Attending a conference where you might not know what all of the content being delivered is can be beneficial. Sometimes a left of field topic can spark your imagination or inspire you to think and do things differently. Maybe you’ll have an unscheduled conversation with a key contact during the coffee break. Take a chance on attending a conference – you never know what you’ll learn or who you might meet.

You’re worth it

Learning is powerful and spending time with others who want to learn more, better themselves and improve their businesses is motivating. Make time for yourself and your business to learn something new by attending an event or conference. An investment in yourself is also an investment in your company.

Gift that keeps on giving

Spending a morning out of the office and potentially travelling to an event can seem like a hassle and expense. Never mind having to catch up on your day job. However, a conference provides learning, networking and business opportunities all in one place. By spending one morning at a conference you could be see the benefits for months to come. Plus, if there’s a topic or subject that really resonates with you check out if there is a webinar follow up so your teams can also get involved.

Enjoy yourself

Having a balance at work is important. It’s important to allow time for fun to help stop work from getting stale. Attending a conference can be enjoyable, you’ll meet new people - and some familiar faces too - whilst finding different ways to improve or grow your business. If you can’t attend, make sure your business doesn’t miss out by sending a colleague along instead. Allow them time out of the office to get new ideas, develop new contacts and gain confidence in their ability. Your business will thank you for it.

Make sure you don't miss out on the Aviva Broker Roadshows

The roadshows bring Aviva to your doorstep, giving you and your teams access to business opportunities, networking and valuable industry insights. Our 2020 events will be themed in a ‘cinema style’ setting. It’s a relaxed way to learn more, share future plans and have some great conversations. You’ll find out how Aviva can help you and your business grow in Commercial Lines and Personal Lines. Plus, our Claims team will be sharing the new technologies and the different ways they are helping you to support your clients.

We’re touring the UK on the following dates: 

  • Glasgow - 08 Jan
  • Belfast - 15 Jan
  • Winchester - 22 Jan
  • Birmingham - 27 Jan
  • Manchester - 30 Jan
  • Leeds - 06 Feb
  • Bristol - 12 Feb 
  • London - 26 Feb

The formal invites have started to go out but if you haven’t seen one yet and are keen to reserve a place, you can email us at theloop@aviva.com with the subject line, “Invite me to…” followed by the location of the Roadshow you’d like to attend. We look forward to seeing you and your team at a roadshow in the new year.


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