4 Big benefits of putting a case study on your website

Writing a case study may not be top of your ‘To Do’ list but there are good reasons why it should be. Case studies may be one of the most effective new business tools you’ve got. Here’s why: 

They help your sales team to close 

Case studies are honest and unbiased. They demonstrate your expertise and show why other people trust and benefit from your services. And because they’re believable, they’re great at reassuring wavering potential customers that they’re making the right decision. 

They’re powerful staff motivators

Positive case studies, where the client thanked their lucky stars they took your advice, are great staff motivators because they remind your team of the value and importance of the job they’re doing. Check out this example from Wrightsure, the insurance broker involved in the great renovation of Battersea Arts Centre after a disastrous fire that swept through the building in March 2015. 

They boost your SEO 

Google scores case studies as valuable, relevant ‘rich content’. As a result, websites that add case studies improve their search engine optimisation (SEO) and move up the page rankings. 

Price becomes less of a factor 

Case studies show the value and importance of what you do. For many customers this helps to demote price from being the primary buying decision-making factor. 

As many brokers will say, they all have a list of good customer stories they could use, however, there’s few who take the opportunity to turn them into case studies. If you need support with getting yours started, we’ve prepared a quick guide which should help. 

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