Go to Fast Trade for your Commercial Combined business

We’re making it easier for you to place Commercial Combined business with Aviva.

We know it can be unclear as to which business should go online and which should be sent to our regional underwriters, especially for complex risks like Commercial Combined.

Based on your feedback, we’ve developed new functionality to make it easier for you to obtain a quote for Commercial Combined without the need for you to re-present us with a market presentation. 

You can now refer Commercial Combined business directly from Fast Trade if it is unable to be written via our online Commercial Combined product. At the click of a button, a generated market presentation of your risk will be delivered to our dedicated team of skilled underwriters. 

Fast Trade first

The referral functionality has been developed so you can always go to Fast Trade first. 

If your quote doesn’t fit the acceptance criteria of the product on Fast Trade and is subsequently declined, you’ll now be given the option to ‘Request Quote Offline’. 

This will give you the opportunity to submit a few further details – including any attachments, the target premium and when you need the quote by. 

This will then automatically generate a Market Presentation of your risk, which will be sent directly to a new team dedicated underwriters who will then contact you.

So no matter what the risk details are – go to Fast Trade first. 

Let us know what you think 

As always, we welcome your thoughts on Fast Trade. If you’d like to leave us some feedback on the Commercial Combined referral improvement - or any other comments you may have – select ‘Feedback’ within the ‘Options’ menu in Fast Trade and tell us what you think.

Thank you


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