Securing the funding you need in these uncertain times

If you’re considering the next step for your business – whether it’s acquisitions, expansions, maybe even a management buy-out – you’ll know that finding the funding to support your ambitions is vital. 

Admittedly, we’re not experts in this area. Which is why we partner with Integritas Financial Solutions. As a specialist finance broker, they can support you with the expert advice and guidance you need when it comes to funding. 

Integritas’ view of today’s landscape

In this month’s Loop, Integritas discuss their view of the market and how they can help you to negate today’s challenges.

Tightening terms

We’re starting to see some tightening of the terms being offered by the high-street banks, especially when the transaction is more complex. 

While this can be challenging, it has provided a platform for several smaller specialist lenders to become more active in the market place. These specialists can offer terms which are far more supportive of the insurance broker than we would expect their high-street competitors to provide.

Uncertainty looms

Whilst we continue to see enquiries for acquisition and management buy-outs, the general nervousness that the current political climate is generating means we’ve seen enquiries where the broker believes their current bank is showing less appetite to support than had previously been the case. 

We’ve also seen situations where a broker has built their plans around an offer of third-party funding (insurer advance) being available next year, but the broker is now concerned that they may not be able to hit the necessary hurdles to access the funding when they need it.

The key message is that in these uncertain times, it’s important that brokers are well advised to secure a formal offer of finance well in advance of any project, rather than prevaricate and risk seeing lender appetite diminish further.

How can we help?

As one of Aviva’s specialist partners, we’re here to help you and your business get the right financial support and advice you need. Our expertise, heritage and credibility in the market allows us to help you overcome challenges and get the best outcome for you and your business. 

In these uncertain times, it’s not all doom and gloom, we have access to specialist lenders who understand the insurance broking market and have the appetite to lend through our recommendation.  

What core services do we provide?
  1. Confidential Readiness Review – think of this as a business MOT.  We’ll sit down with you for a confidential chat and ‘lift the bonnet’ of your business to carry out a full financial review based on your business plan and historic trading information.  This will then provide you with a comprehensive report of your financial and borrowing capability. 
  2. Fund Finder – If you’re seeking a bank loan, we’ll go out to market – leveraging our relationships with those smaller specialist lenders - and source a loan based on your specific requirements.  Our credible reputation across the banking industry allows us to negotiate the best rates available for your business.
Why do Aviva work with Integritas?

As well as having over 60 years’ experience in the banking industry, they really understand the insurance market.  We have successfully worked with them as our chosen expert for the last 7 years, raising over c£75m of funding in support of over 100 of our regional brokers.

Want to know more?

To find out more, download our Integritas info sheet. If you have any questions, queries or you’d like to utilise the services Integritas offer, please speak to Mike Philpott via or 07800 692 550.


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