Commercial claims solutions that go beyond the expected

For more than 320 years Aviva has been there for customers when the unexpected happens. In a complex, fast-paced, commercial world, it’s difficult to plan for every eventuality, so having a fast, fair and reliable claims service can be pivotal to the success of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

From small enterprises to large corporate organisations, working with an insurer that provides a claims service they can count on is vital in reducing the impact of claims. The strength and breadth of our offering allows us to act swiftly, using the best contractors, and the latest repair technologies as well as providing practical advice. Not only do we work to pay claims fairly and quickly, we bring our own expertise and that of our specialist partners to our customers to put in measures to prevent bad things from happening in the first place.

For large businesses, dealing with claims is an unavoidable aspect of an effective operating model. That’s why our Global Corporate & Specialty (GCS) team believe in going the extra mile, providing a tailored proposition that has in-depth client understanding at its heart. 

But what does this really mean in practice? This short video featuring Patrick Tiernan, Chris Hughes and Shaun Lemmon from Aviva GCS, alongside one of our corporate clients and their broker, demonstrates the value this can deliver.  

Watch GCS Claims video

But it’s not just large corporate organisations that require complex claims solutions. Mid-market businesses can also require a multifaceted approach to claims, but often don’t have the required level of claims expertise within the structure of their business. This is where out Claims Relationship Managers can help.

Our team bring a wealth of experience and expertise in a variety of claims scenarios and work with mid-market businesses pre-loss, to ensure that they have the optimum claims processes and procedures in place. This not only helps to mitigate claims wherever possible, but when the inevitable happens and they need to deal with claims, it has the least amount of impact as possible on the running of their business.

In the link below, Vanessa Millar talks to Insurance Age about her role as a Claims Relationship Manager and the support her and her colleagues can bring to our commercial customers.

Watch Claims Relationship Manager video


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