Club 110 Conference 2019 - What the outcomes mean for you

For most of us, September is a time when the summer holiday memories begin to fade and we ready ourselves for the approaching winter months. But for Club 110, we put all that on hold with our Annual Overseas Conference – which this year took place in the historic city of Dubrovnik from the 19 – 21 September.   

The conference is a key date that we build towards throughout the year and is one of the core benefits available to you, our members. It represents our main opportunity to bring the whole Club together to share our future plans and strategies. The Club 110 concept hinges on the sense of fostering community and sharing knowledge, with the annual conference at its very heart. 

However, we’re hoping that 2020 will bring you, our Club 110 members, even more opportunities to network as we aim to instil the Club further into your business – by reaching out beyond our business owners. We’re currently planning a variety of opportunities such as Aviva technical product training, face-to-face soft skills training plus more webinars to inform and educate.

The conference had a packed business programme for our 154 broker delegates with key features including regional meetings, seminar sessions and an inspirational speech from Rasmus Ankersen who taught us to act like a number 2, even if we’re number 1 - to make sure our mindset is always challenging and innovative!

Inspired by Rasmus, this year, we’re bringing the seminar sessions from Dubrovnik to your screens with our Club 110 Conference series of webinars:

  • How will you adapt to succeed in the future?
  • Driving opportunity in Specialty Lines
  • How do you want to leave your business?*
  • Are you ready for SM&CR?
  • Succeeding in Commercial Lines

Find out more about the webinar content and sign-up by registering for them here: 

Want to know more? 

Look out for the post-event round-up communication which will help bring the conference experience to you. The webinar series will be starting on 9 October to give you an additional opportunity to hear directly from our business seminar speakers.

*business owners only.


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