Enquiry functionality launches on Fast Trade

Fast Trade will no longer generate an additional quote when you’re looking back at submitted information for an existing quote or policy. 

We know that many of you are frustrated with re-submissions on Fast Trade. 87% of you go-back to review information - without amending anything - to then find that Fast Trade has generated an additional quote. This has also been an issue for resolved referred quotes subsequently ‘re-referring’. 

This is a frustration we share. Not only is it confusing for you, it creates unnecessary operational demand our side. 

How are we fixing it? 

To resolve these issues, we’re delivering some additional functionality at the quote and policy review screen. 

You’ll see a new button under the premium called ‘View/Amend’. This will allow you to look-back at the quote journey in ‘Read Only’ mode without Fast Trade triggering a re-submission.

 If you do notice anything you want to change, each stage of the journey will offer you the opportunity to ‘Amend’ your client’s information where appropriate. 

When's it going live? 

You'll  notice the change at the quote and policy summary screens for the following products:

  • Minifleet 
  • Group Personal Accident & Travel 
  • Commercial Combined
  • Engineering
  • Office and Surgery
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Property Owners
  • Pubs & Restaurants
  • Self Employed
  • Shop and Salon.



If you have any questions regarding this change, simply use the ‘Live Chat’ function when on Fast Trade. If you’d like to leave some feedback on the new functionality, you can use the Feedback option which is found in the ‘Options’ menu.

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