Saving you and your clients time at renewal

To reduce unnecessary and time-consuming work for you and your clients, we’re no longer sending out the Motor Trade Renewal Form. This will take effect for renewals from 16 December 2019. 

The removal of this questionnaire does not remove the need for you to tell us about any material changes to exposure of a client’s business. Rather than completing an entire form, any such changes should be discussed with your aligned Motor Trade Underwriter. 

Why are we doing this?

With your help, we’ve recently undertaken a research project on our small to medium sized Motor Trade book. It highlighted that things do not materially change for most businesses during the period of their insurance. 

This means that many of you are spending time filling out the Form unnecessarily. The new process will not only save you time to focus on the things that matter in your business, but it’ll reduce the number of questions for your clients. 

What’s the new process?

This change will take effect for renewals from 16 December 2019, meaning you won’t receive a Motor Trade Renewal Form from October onwards. 

If you do know of any policy changes required, we still require you to inform us in good time ahead of the renewal date. Ensuring that all information is correct ahead renewal will allow us to understand the exposures, calculate renewal terms and get the relevant documents to you earlier. This reduces the back and forth.

Included in the renewal documentation, you’ll be sent a more detailed Statement of Fact which your client will need to confirm the accuracy of. This will provide greater clarity on the information the insurance has been based on. 

What if I still need to complete the Form?

If there’s an occasion where the completion of the Form is still necessary, you can download and submit changes via the Motor Trade Factfinder Form. 

This can be found on the Motor Trade Documents Page on Aviva Broker here. The file is listed under ‘All Current Documents’ as ‘Motor Trade Fact Finder’. Alternatively, you can download the document here

Once completed, simply send the Form to your aligned Trading Underwriter. 

How to contact us

If you have any questions or queries about this change – or if you’d like to discuss any renewals or quotes - please contact your usual Motor Trade Underwriter. 

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