Are all your clients' contents covered?

Families across the country are getting ready to pack up cars to the hilt, drive to various counties and drop off their 'children' at university. But how can you make sure your clients have enough cover for their children’s belonging while at university?

Today's students are going off to university with an average of £3,000* worth of belongings. With laptops, tablets, mobile phones, televisions, musical instruments, sports gear and books, it quickly adds up. 

But how can you make sure that these belongings are safe while they’re away from home?

  • Check the contents insurance policy wording – students’ belongings may be covered by their parent’s home insurance, under contents temporarily removed from the home.
  • Check the value of contents covered away from home – you may need to increase the value of items insured while out and about, to protect laptops, phones and bikes while at the library, etc.

How our home insurance products cover students

Aviva contents insurance policies automatically provide cover for immediate family members temporarily living away from home, providing they reside at the main address and don’t have a permanent fixed address elsewhere. 

This includes belongings in a student’s room, their shared house, or halls on campus. Items are covered for fire, storm, flood or malicious damage and theft is also covered if someone breaks into the accommodation. 

Clients can also decide the value of items they would like to insure whilst they’re out and about, including away from any temporary residence, via the personal belongings option, which would extend to cover children's belongings in this situation.

Some top tips for how students can keep their prized possessions safe:

  • Lock up: Most thieves are opportunistic, so remember to lock doors and windows every time you go out, even if you're only going to be away a few minutes.
  • Travel light: Don't carry around belongings you don't need, these are likely to be safer at home
  • Hide them away: Don't leave valuables in full view when you go out. The same goes for things left in vehicles.
  • Be discreet: When out and about, be careful not to draw attention to your latest gadget. This may alert potential thieves.
  • Keep an eye out: Get to know your flatmates and look out for each other. You'll be able to recognise suspicious people wandering around your halls or flat.
  • Register your belongings: Make sure you register any valuables on the Immobilise Property Register. If they're stolen and recovered, the police will be able to trace them back to you.
  • Secure your bike: lock it to a concrete post, railing or bike stand.

*Average worth of contents in a student's room in the UK (Aviva study): £3,000 – 2019 vs £2,184 - 2017


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