What could a delegated authority scheme deliver for your business?

In a market where competition is high and a standard offering, simply doesn’t ‘cut the mustard’. A scheme could provide the bespoke product solution that sets your business apart.

Running a delegated authority scheme gives you the opportunity to showcase expertise in a certain market with the stability and support of an established and recognised brand, such as Aviva.

We have built expertise in our scheme over many years and believe we have more knowledge in our field than any insurer. Importantly this was recognised by Aviva and the delegated authority scheme means we can respond to client queries instantaneously whilst being able to deliver the security and quality that Aviva provides.”

“Aviva have worked hard to understand our market and proposition. Having the support of their brand, ease of access and an open minded approach to underwriting innovation is key to the success of our scheme.”

Andy Morley, Group Managing Director, ProAktive Ltd


At Aviva, we see Schemes business as a two way street and providing delegated authority is a sign of the trust we place in a broker’s skill, expertise and client servicing. You are the decision maker and you process your client’s documentation. It's all in your control to service your clients in a way that works for you.

This can result in better client satisfaction, having been sold a scheme product that is most suitable for their needs leads to longer client retention, high product penetration and ultimately a higher average earning per client.

Having a delegated authority scheme definitely helps improve retention of business and increase the lifetime value. Having the delegated authority scheme with Aviva means we prepare terms ourselves rather than waiting for insurers. This approach definitely works for us.

Jeremy Lawton, Managing Director, Shearwater Insurance Services Ltd


For further information on how we can support your scheme aspirations visit Aviva Broker

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