How your email signature can generate new income

To be successful, your marketing needs to generate income from every touch point you have with your clients, prospects and the wider market. 





So how could your email signature be most effective at doing this?

  • Well for a start, the reach you get is huge compared to almost anything else you’ll be doing. An office of just ten people sends out around 80,000 emails a year (35 emails x 10 people x 230 days).
  • Almost the only cost to you is the artwork.
  • The message can be eye-catching.  See an example of how we used a banner to promote the recent relaunch of our Broker Mentor website.

How to use your email signature to build your business 

  1. Use it to help you exceed your new-business target - Many clients only need a reminder and a bit of encouragement to refer you to friends. Here’s how your email signature can do this.
  2. Use it to cut client churn to a minimum - Consider the benefits of knowing exactly how each of your clients feel about the job you’re doing for them. Here’s how an email signature can give you this insight.

Key production considerations for you to consider when building your signature

  • Keep it simple and keep the message single-minded
  • Always include a call to action but think carefully about what to say, for example “Click here to get a free insurance quote” will not be as responsive as “Overpaying for your insurance? Click here for our best market price.”
  • Make it mobile friendly
  • Keep the design and layout consistent across the company
  • Use web-safe fonts
  • Only highlight your social media links if they’re regularly updated with valuable content
  • Measure the clicks on your links

Hopefully you’re now viewing your email signature as a powerful way to drive greater engagement and interaction. If you need more help on how to build your signature, you may find this video and step by step guide useful.

Interested in learning more useful marketing tips like this? Click on a live example of one of our email signatures below and join our Broker Marketing Community today!

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